Face-melting speakers

Have you ever listened to some speakers that just really melted your face off with the way they sounded? I mean speakers, that when you listen to them, just make you stop whatever else you're doing and pay attention to the music. I mean speakers, that if you close your eyes, you could really really believe you were there at the event. If you haven't, you need too.
I just finished listening to The Gas House Gang's Christmas CD called "Some Children See Him". It's a family favorite at Christmas time, but it wasn't until this year when I got my Pioneer CS-G403 speakers and my Samson MDR-6 soundboard that I stopped to really listen to it. It's amazing. I'd thought before that it was an OK CD. You know, nothing special, just a decent quartet on a decent recording. I took it to my room and one play was all it took to change my mind. There's a part in the CD when three of them sing together and it sounds like a harp. I mean that literally. At first I thought it was a harp, but I remembered that this was a barber shop CD. No harp accompaniment. I've listened to it again and I'm still hearing new things in the recording.
If you ever happen to see a set of Pioneer CS-G403's in the trash or for sale, please pick them up for me (if the price is reasonable). I'd love to have another set of these.
You're probably saying right now to yourself, "Trash! If these speakers are so good, why pitch them?" They're about ten years old, that's why. Most people would like a spiffier set of speakers by now. Truth to tell you, these aren't exactly what you're looking for in you're avant-garde home or even a "modern" looking one. But they sound awesome. In fact, many people (me included) like the sound of speakers after they've aged a little. It just adds something more musical to the tone.
So now I will go back to listening to my barber shop, and you all can laugh at me for listening to a CD of old guys singing on my out-of-style 90's speakers.
And I can laugh at you all with your fancy eyecandy speakers.

edit: Right now, if you're really fast, you can get some CS-G403's on ebay: http://tinyurl.com/2drlxm It ends in about 12 hours and they're at about $50 right now. Pricey, but these totally cream some $150 professional studio monitors.

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