Keyboard Remapping (or how to make everyone else think your machine is demon-possessed)

I just started to fool around with keyboard remapping, prompted by an article in Engadget encouraging the dropping of the CapsLock key.  I had to agree, realizing that I used it way too little to merit it a place on my keyboard.  So I went to the wonderful search engine of doom from space and found some key remapping software.  The one I'm using is free, and basically redoes your registry for you.  It's not the greatest (you have to reboot to use your new keymap), but its free and EASY.  I remapped my capslock key to a Windows key (since I use that for run, etc. and I only have one) and my right ALT key to CTRL (because that was how the keyboard was meant to be). 

So, for the software I'm using:

MapKeyboard by InchWest Software: http://www.inchwest.com/mapkeyboard.aspx

AutoHotkey by AutoIt:  http://www.autohotkey.com

About AutoHotkey: I decided that maybe I did want that CapsLock button back, once and awhile (AFTER ALL, IT IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL, BUT I DIGRESS), so I wrote an AutoHotkey script to let me press CTRL+Tab and enter capslock mode. 

Behold the ugly script below:

GetKeyState, state, CapsLock, T
if state = D
    SetCapsLockState, off
    SetCapsLockState, on

All in all, pretty cool, and although I haven't quite figured out everything about AutoHotkey (it can do keyboard remapping too, but I don't know how yet). 

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