NES PC for sale on Ebay

Ok, so it's far from the first NES PC.  And the specs, etc. don't make it special.  But if you really like reading postmodern writing (the kind that requires a generous helping of mind-rubber to understand), you'll like the page:

I don't think I've ever seen a worse translation. 

Just a few of the greatest sentences:

Indeed, they were connected directly to the mother chart by the use of a little electronics and some weldings.

The interest is obvious: you can play any play without having to use the old women defective, cumbersome cartridges and increasingly rare to find.

- Electrical Adapter connector American/connector electrical Frenchwoman (for the food)

levers SNES and N64 and adapters USB are fournits with their limps and with their plastic packing.

the red LED ignites when the PC is moving, the ports levers are always usable

For the delivery not of handing-over in clean hand (not time).

Q:  Just a word: HAT

You goes soon pass to the newspaper of clear chazal

I rest my case.

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