An open letter to all spammers and spambots

Hi guys. 

I was recently reading on the web and ran across this link:


You all should be ashamed of yourselves.  What on earth do you think you are doing?  90% of all email could be spam.  Thats embarrassing. 

Listen, guys.  This is why spam filters exist.  They exist to stop you.  If nothing else, could you guys all get together and just send one email a day?  I could tolerate that. But as it is, no, you have to send tons of mail, causing people like me to get extremely strong spamfilters that sometimes block legitimate email.  In fact, I have three: Google's spamblock, which denies a lot of email access to my inbox in the first place, then Google's spamfilter, which catches junk mail and sends it to another folder, and finally my Thunderbird junk mail filter.  That is unnecessary, as it wastes a lot of time running three filters.  You're really hurting the internet by taking advantage of free email.

As well, these spam filters, designed to catch the junk you are sending, often catch legitimate mail.  My parent's email server (not Gmail) blocks my school's email address.  That would be fine, except for the fact that my mom does the newsletter layout.  So instead of going directly to our inbox, the emails from school waste bandwith by going first to my inbox, and then I forward them on to my mom.  So you are actually responsible for more bandwith waste than may appear at first sight. 

I can think of only three reasons why you send spam. 
    a) You want to advertise a company
    b) You want to advertise a porn site
    c) You want to send a virus

I consider both b and c criminal acts.  Viruses often steal data, or at least destroy what exists, making you guys vandals and thieves.  Porn advertising is, I believe, against the law, or at least human decency, to send to minors.  I'm a minor, so if you were to get my email address (although it doesn't have my age attached to it), you'd be committing a crime.

Advertising a company by spam is, to put it bluntly, stupid.  What would attract a potential customer in repeated unwanted messaging?  If you want advertising, get with the world and use Adsense or something.  This is good because a) you get people who are actually interested to visit your site, b) you help fund the web community c) people might actually appreciate you as a company. 

So spammers are either criminals, idiots, or both.  Any way you cut it, spam has no advantages to law-abiding citizens.  You're wasting time and resources at no one's benefit. 

So cut it out.  Spam is illegal and stupid. 

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