Palm Foleo galleries, etc.

For all of you who don't know what a Palm Foleo is, its a laptopish thing designed by Palm (you know, the makers of the PalmPilot) that would hook up with a Treo or Tungsten or something and let you use the Treo's internet and stuff to surf and manage mail and write docs and stuff.  It's similar to the Eee PC.  Anyhow, Palm junked the idea before it went to production, but they were far enough along to be able to send some preproduction units out to places like Engadget.  So Engadget is going to do a review, which I'll post to when it comes out.  But for now behold the galleries:


It looks like an almost-finished project, so I'm surprised that they canceled it.  I guess they couldn't get Palm OS6 ready in time or something.  OS6 is supposed to be a Linux-based OS, which is a big step for them.  The Foleo does seem to be running some version of OS6, because Engadget goes to the terminal and it's a standard Bash terminal.  So, Palm, we're waiting for OS6! Come on!

Anyhow, it's a cool product that never made it to market (although I could easily see a market for this thing). 

Oh yeah, don't forget the wonderful irony of the webpage they browse to.  That was funny.

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