So, anyone who commonly reads my blog probably just noticed the "Powered by ScribeFire" link at the bottom of my blog post. I was testing ScribeFire and didn't realize that I was advertising it =[

Anyhow, I like it enough to put up with the ads, so you'll see those from time to time. Unless, that is, if I can get ahold of the source, I'll change it ;]

So anyhow, ScribeFire is pretty cool, lets you post to about half a bazillion blog types and if you happen to have the half a bazillion + 1 blog type, you can configure it for that, too. It's nice, except I can't get images to upload at all =[ so no image posts.

On another note, this image thing is bothering me, does anyone have any suggestions? Is wordpress or something else better?

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Matt said...

Image thing? Do you mean the word verification? Yeah, it's kind of annoying, especially when posting.

Wordpress is better for some people, but I think you'll find Blogger is best for you since Wordpress and others allow very little customization and tinkering. That's the main reason I'm on Blogger. That, and I sold my soul to Google in exchange for privacy.