Cleaning out my laptop

My laptop's had trouble with overheating for a LONG time.  It was, to say the least, a pain, and something that got increasingly worse until it wasn't unusual for me to have SpeedFan (to tell me CPU temp) and Task Manager (to tell me CPU usage %) open so I could take preventative action for heating.  I had my laptop sitting on a cooling fan and I took the memory cover off.  It idled at roughly 110 degrees. 

So, today I opened it up (do not do this unless you have at least three clear hours and steady hands).  After removing about 30 screws of various shapes and sizes, I managed to get the heatsink off and clean it out.  The fins were clogged with dust and I was amazed that it actually still worked.  I blew it out with compressed air and generally cleaned up the machine, put it back together (missing only one screw that I had to open it up again to put in =]) and started it up.  Amazingly, it still worked, and now idles at approximately 10 degrees less than before!

Also, at the top of my keyboard is a buton strip that has three buttons: power, internet, and toshiba control panel.  When I opened it up, I found that the circuit board actually has four buttons, the fourth being Mail.  So now I'm going to figure out what that's supposed to do (or how to make it work). 

To be continued...

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