SIAW Day 3

I have decided that every day at SIAW is totally weird, unexpected, and surprising.

So we started off trying to get the rotators to work.  After patching them into the channels correctly, they still didn't work.  So I called Brunson and left a message (it was 7 AM his time).

Next order of business: install the new bulbs into the follow spots.  This went pretty well; I didn't touch the bulbs, and we managed to get the first one working pretty well.  The second was different.  Apparently whoever had borrowed the spotlight and removed the lamp from it was pretty rough with the light, because the hinge on the door covering the bulb was bent at an awful angle.  We managed to get the door off the back of the spotlight.  Then Colton left to get a nail to use for a new hingepin (the one in there had been bent), and I took a pair of pliers and did my best to bend the hinge back so that it actually worked.  After about ten minutes of messing with it, we managed to get the new door on.

Then, Julia walked past the other spot and noticed that it smelled awful.  This led to an investigation of whether or not we were overpowering the spots with the 1000 watt bulbs.  Eventually we decided that there wasn't much we could do about it. 

So we got to work.  I taught Julia the basics of how to record a cue and got her started.  About 15 minutes later, both spots and the rotators died.  We guessed correctly that we had overloaded the circuit.  After unplugging everything and resetting the breaker, we got the spots back on.

I taught Julia the basics of how to program cues into the board and left her watching to help Colton with micing the piano.  We messed with that until lunch, pretty much.

Lunch was 5 minutes long for us.

We then went back, messed with the piano some, and then Brunson called.  He walked me through how to get the rotators working, and I set one up, assuming that the other would be easy.  I got the other working except for the four channels that moved it.  So I waited for him to call back. 

Meanwhile, we had to move the follow spots to different outlets so that we didn't overload the circuit again.

Then, we went on to design some lanterns for the scenery.  These we made out of wire and had a ton of laughs doing it.  Colton is bringing in a spot welder tomorrow so we can weld the wires together, instead of using blue masking tape. 

Brunson called back and we got the other rotator working.  Woohoo!

And that was the day that it was.

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Dad said...

Thanks for blogging all this Nathan. It's been interesting seeing your different problems that come up and how God is faithful to see you get the answers. Always remember, God is greater than Murphy!!

Proud of you. ...Dad.

BTW - spelling: phased, not fazed.