iKalk 0.1 Beta

I've been working on a program for a while now, and it's finally reached beta state, so I'm letting it "go public" so everyone can criticize my programming skills.


It's a graphing calculator written in Java, so you can run it on Mac, PC, Linux, or some other OS that is supported by Sun.  It requires Java 1.5 or later (sorry Panther users).

Other than that, iKalk has been in development for about six months.  Actually, if you count all the time between TempConverter 0.1 (iKalk's parent project) and iKalk 0.1 beta, it's been about a year.  I'm hoping soon to put TempConv 0.9 up on my site, too.  (why is it 0.9?  I'm going to roll some features of iKalk back into TempConv when iKalk reaches 1.0 status and both of them will bump to 1.0 at the same time.)

I'd post screenshots, but I'm too lazy and there's not much to see anyway. =]

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