Islam and Mormonism: more similar than you thought!

I've been doing research on Islam for a Humanities project, and ran across this interesting tidbit:

"Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last of a series of prophets that God sent to earth. While respecting the teachings of all earlier prophets, Muslims believe that Allah sent his final message to Muhammad in order to correct the corruption of the previous messages." (http://www.ucalgary.ca/applied_history/tutor/islam/beginnings/index.html)

This interested me because the Mormons claim that Joseph Smith received revelation because the gospel had been corrupted.  I wonder what Mormons would say to Muslims and vice versa.  Both claim to have the 'corrected' version of the gospel.  Yet for some reason, they aren't the same.  Hmm...

Both of them also inherently claim that the gospel is corruptible and has been corrupted to the point where it does not save.  This means that the gospel could be corrupted again.  So how do we know the gospel hasn't already been corrupted?  After all, it has been more than 500 years after the revelation of Islam, so it's plausible that that gospel was corrupted by now. 

This is one of the great things about Christianity (I almost called it Xnty, for all the WCS students =]).  We know that the gospel is not corrupt.  It never has been, so long as we take the entire revelation of God into account. 

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