SIAW: Days 4, 5, and 6

For those of you wondering why I haven't posted the last few days, here's why: they've all been one big mush to me and I've been busy all day working, sleeping, or eating (in that order). 


I set up the rotators to work properly with some cues.  This took most of the morning as I had to get used to how they worked.  I then taught Anthony how to program cues into the lightboard and went downstairs to help Colton and Julia solder together the lanterns. 

We then ate lunch.  I stole Colton's lunchbox and brought it down. =]

Afterward, I spent most of the afternoon running a follow spot and occasionally lending Anthony a hand programming cues while the actors rehearsed.  I also ran sound for the singing servants.

After the day was officially over, I stayed after with Mr. B, Mrs. B (no relation to Mr. B), DB, and a few others and rigged stage mics and taped down all the cords.  I also went into our 'National Treasure' room and unhooked the choir mics so they wouldn't feed back mid-performance.

Everyone else was busy painting the set, hanging vines, and doing other tasks.  I left at 6 PM!

Then, I went home, and was up past midnight getting all the lighting cues fixed (including fixing the rotators so they operated more smoothly).


It snowed Thursday night, so SIAW didn't officially start until noon today.  However, for the 'SEALS' (according to Mr. C) =], it started like usual at 8:30.  The skeleton crew consisted of me, Colton, Mr. C, and Mr. B.

Colton and I hung spots, ran extension cords, taped down more wires, and created a fire hazard near the dimmer box (at least 12 heavy-duty extension cords plugged into one place!).  The spots were awesome. 

We had two to light the piano.  We used a couple of clamp lights to provide some cool downlighting effects on the set, and disguised them with leaves.  We rigged another lamp inside the balcony to create some effects in there.  We used a professional flood to light the majority of the set and hid it behind a tower.  It was very difficult to get to because the ladder couldn't get really close to it because it was so close to the edge of the stage!

We also hang the totally awesome lanterns with flicker bulbs. 

During the construction we listened to an entire Grateful Dead concert.  Awesome!

Everyone showed up around 11:45 and got to work so that by 1:15 we had a dress rehearsal underway.  That was crazy.  Colton ran around and followed a few ideas.  We managed to work out all the lighting cues we messed up, and got things ready for the show. 

Then we went downstairs and ate around 6 PM. 

We came back up and soundchecked the singing servant's mics.  Everything worked except Katie's.  We managed to get hers working after a lot of work involving opening it up and doing the old NES fix: smack twice, and blow on the contacts. 

Somehow we managed to get everything working on time and ran the show.

The show was a hair off perfection!  Woohoo!

The only big snag was that Katie's dress ripped, but a few safety pins over the intermission got it fixed. 

Afterward, I cleaned up a few things, got everything ready for the next day, and left about 11:30 PM: 15 hours of straight work!


I woke up about 10:30, having slept 10 hours.  This was rather impressive.  I showered, ate, and ran up to BBC to get ready for the Saturday performance. 

I showed up, got out the expensive mics, put them in place, loaded everything up upstairs, and was ready to go.  We soundchecked everyone, and everything worked fine. 

However, the opening song showed something was wrong:  In the hour after we checked Katie's mic, it had stopped working.  So we gave her a handheld and ran that way. 

Saturday was two hairs off perfection.

Right after the show, we got to work tearing down the stage.  Now I had to remember where every piece of equipment came from, where it went, and how it was set.  This was rather difficult.

First, we tore down the stage.  I helped pull all the wires we had taped down Thursday and Friday.  Julia and I s-wrapped all the mic cables and put them where they belonged. 

We were racing a deadline: there was a trivia night at BBC at 7 PM. 

After a LOT of work, we managed to wrap every cable, put away all the mics, reset all the stuff on the soundboard, and in general undo all the wreckage we had done to their system in the past five days. 

Colton, Mr. B, and I left at 6:40!

And that is what happened at SIAW.

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