Abandonware is software that is officially not supported by companies anymore.  This basically means that it's now a light grey area concerning downloading it for free (definitely the older stuff, but a case could be made that Windows XP SP 0/1 is abandonware...).  So you can visit this site:


and download Windows 1.0! I'm currently trying to get it up in a virtual machine =] and I'll post back, maybe with screenshots. 

It's not just hardcore stuff for nerds, though; there's office suites, graphics, design, and games.  Ever wanted to play SimCity 2000?  Ever wanted to play The Incredible Machine 2 (TIM 1 runs on a 286 @ 10 MHZ with 1 MB of RAM!  Yes, I do have an IBM PC AT-286, and am proud of it =])?  You can get them here, too.

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Matt said...

Ooh! I used to love Sim City 2000. I bet the interface would seem really clunky now, though.

Abandonware is one of those legal gray areas, like burning backup copies of software and music. It seems perfectly sensible to the consumer, but companies like to have power over their products.

If a company goes entirely belly-up, however, there's virtually nothing to worry about. I got a game called Freespace 2 this way.