I ran across this (courtesy of Cryptogram), and found it to be pretty interesting (it's a long read, but worth it):


It explains, to some extent, why people lie, and raises the question if it is right for us to teach our kids to lie to be polite (e.g. saying we like a present that we don't, etc.).  After reading this article, I seriously am not so sure of my opinion (that it was ok), and covet your thoughts.

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Matt said...

New York Magazine? lol.

I didn't read the article ('cause I'm lazy) but I got the gist.

There's a fine line between lying and tact. It's pretty tactless to say "I don't like this present," but of course I wouldn't be true to say you loved it. There are times when it is simply better to hold one's tongue. You can still say "Thank you" because, as the adage says, "It's the thought that counts." If directly asked, it's preferable to be tactful and calm in your explanation rather that saying the first thing that comes to mind.