Death of the Semicolon

I was installing some software recently that hooked into the keyboard to provide an instant-access thing: push a key, and a little box shows up that you can type stuff into to, say, launch programs.  

What amused and outraged me about this program was that it suggested the default key be the semicolon key with no modifiers.  I laughed and promptly changed it to ctrl+;.  The progam seemed outraged that I would change the shortcut so I had to press TWO keys in order to launch it, rather than the "instant-access" semicolon.  

So, does this indicate that the semicolon (and colon) are not used enough to merit having their own key?  I did not forsee the death of the semicolon; I use it all the time.  Are our communications becoming that fragmented that we no longer need semicolons?  

Also, what does that say if pressing ctrl+; is no longer "instant-access"?  Are we becoming so impatient that we can no longer press a key combination?  

And finally, I was suprised at the lack of regard for programmers.  We use semicolons everywhere (at least in C, C++, and Java).  Colons aren't that rare, either.  

Will we be seeing the death of the semicolon? 

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