Emacs devel mailing list humor

I recently got emacs set up on my computer, and ran across DEVEL.HUMOR, a file of humorous exchanges on the emacs devel list.  I thought I'd share:

  "In order to bring the user's attention to the minibuffer when an item such as 'Edit -> Search' is activated from the menu, I was just thinking that we could draw a big rectangle around the minibuffer, blinking (or zooming in-and-out) until some input is typed in."
  "How about dancing elephants?"
  "They don't fit in my office."
  "Well once the elephants are done, your office will be much... bigger."
                  -- Stefan Monnier, Miles Bader and Kai Grossjohann

I remember these versions as yard-rocks (is that between inch-pebbles and mile-stones?).
                  -- Kai Grossjohann

  "Aren't user-defined constants useful in other languages?"   "The only user-defined constant is ignorance.  (With programmers, this is a variable concept ;-)"
                  -- Juanma Barranquero and Thien-Thi Nguyen

  "Uh, 'archaic' and 'alive' is not a contradiction."
  "Yes it is.  'Archaic' does not mean 'old' or 'early'.  It means 'obsolete'."
  "'He arche' in Greek means 'the beginning'.  John 1 starts off with 'En arche en ho Logos': in the beginning, there was the word.  Now of course we all know that Emacs was there before Word, but this might have escaped John's notice."
                  -- David Kastrup and RMS

  "[T]here may be a good reason since the code explicitly checks for this; see keyboard.c:789 [...]"
  "I think I understand, but I can't find the code in keyboard.c.  Do you really mean 'line 789'?  Of which revision?"
  "Sorry; by 789, I mean 3262 :-P"
                  -- Chong Yidong and Stefan Monnier

  "Despite being a maths graduate, I can't think of any other such constants with anything like the universality of e and pi."
                                -- Alan Mackenzie and David Hansen

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