Registry Woes

I just backed up my registry.  That was eye-opening.  It's 114 MB!  That's huge.  And yes, I have cleaned it with CCleaner (which is absolutely amazing).   And I wonder why I don't switch to Linux.  Hah.  No registry to corrupt there.  

Coincidentally, I remember a friend who had a really messed up registry.  The computer would check it when it started up, and he had to quit the check application via CTRL-ALT-DEL.  I eventually became a hero for fixing it (had to use a bit of DOS chops to get it done), but by then he'd gotten a new machine.  I should ask him for his old laptop.  Not a shabby machine to mess around with...but I digress.

Microsoft, why oh why did you make the registry in the first place?

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