To Linux or not to Linux?

I've been reading some of the copious (and sometimes almost unrelated) documentation of emacs, and I'm now considering switching entirely to a GNU/Linux setup as well as releasing iKalk under the GPL (maybe after I clean some of the source up; it's really ugly =]).  I like the idea of GNU, and I've used Linux before.  In fact, I've been very pleased by both Linux and the programs for it.  It's been stable and fairly easy-to-use.  And I'm in love with BASH; it's so much more powerful than CMD.  I mainly use FLOSS software: OpenOffice, the Mozilla suite, Eclipse, Audacity.  The one thing that really has me worried is those few Windows-only apps.  For instance, I need to be able to run Microsoft Publisher, and I'm loathe to leave PowerPoint behind.  It's just more powerful than OO Impress.  And there's ReBirth, a software synth that's available free.  I've only got 30 GB of space on my hard drive, so dual-boot is pretty much out of the question.  And at 1.2 GHz, virtualizing anything is horrible.  Anyone want to contribute to the pot for a new laptop for me?  I'm aware of Wine, just not sure how well it runs those programs (need to check Wine HQ; someone want to do this for me, please?).  And then there's C and C++.  I know Linux is an excellent platform for learning those languages, but most books will expect you to have all the Windows APIs, right?  

Any advice/ideas/derision will be appreciated.

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