Our next president

I've been kinda thinking about this for about a week, but was waiting for one of my other friends to say it first so I could blame it on them if I was wrong.  Well, they have:


So here's my idea: Obama is going to be our next president.  He's the most well known of any presidential candidate by far.  Hillary runs a fair second, and McCain a distant third.  Hillary should be embarrassed; after all, she's a former first lady of one of our, ahem, better known presidents.  And she's a woman.  Two nice publicity cards to play.  McCain is a nobody: he has nothing "special" going for him that would gain him media coverage.  Obama has a few cards as well: he's young and a motivational speaker. 

As well, he's black.  Apparently racism is a hotter topic than feminism (or lack thereof) nowadays.  He seems to be garnering all the limelight because he's black.  And he has a black pastor who's been saying controversial, if not outright wrong things.  Two more cards for media attention.

McCain is a nobody.  He's kinda the "last man standing", that is, the Republican with the guts to tough out an election.  Not saying that Romney, Huckabee, and Paul didn't; just that they left, whereas he missed his chance to get out. He was pretty much a nonentity even when there were more candidates.  He's too liberal for many Republicans.  And he never made a big stir about anything.  Huckabee and Romney at least seemed to be causing somewhat of a ruckus what with the religion and Mormonism cards.  Not McCain.

And that's the problem.  McCain is a half-decent candidate, but no one knows who he is.  Hillary has lost the card battle to Obama; as well, I think her dead horse of universal health care might have been beaten a little too much. 

As well, Hillary is a weak candidate for other reasons.  I had to analyze some political standpoints for each candidate, and browsing through the answers for topics such as the war and Internet security I noticed Hillary seemed to be unusually skilled in giving nonanswers.  When asked for her general plan for the war, her response, stripped of political-ese and boiled down, was this: In about 3 months after I'm instated (that's April or May, for those of us counting), I'll get together a bunch of people who know about the war and see if maybe we should do something.  Oh, and I'll be giving all the soldiers universal health care.  Because, we all know their job is so, um, dangerous. 

Obama, instead, at least seemed to have plans for most stuff, even if I didn't agree with him.  McCain I noticed had answered a few questions with an "I've done x, y, and z about this in the past."

So, as much as I dislike it, here's to Obama as the next president.  Wishing not, but, well, what can I do...

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