Cell Phone (and other) data harvesting

Crypto-Gram came in today, so I'll have some articles from it =]

I ran across this one about how the NSA can legally (in the letter, not spirit, of the law) use off-the-shelf products to get data about cell phone usage.  It's pretty comprehensive data, too--location, tracking people across multiple sim cards, etc. 


I also found this story about the Pentagon thinking that World of Warcraft could be a vector for terrorists to plan attacks:


I like Bruce's analysis of this:
"My guess is still that some clever Pentagon researchers have figured out how to play World of Warcraft on the job, and they're not giving that perk up anytime soon."

The way these two articles are related: if the NSA can harvest all kinds of data legally, and the Pentagon wants all kinds of data, then our privacy is pretty much gone.  Unless something changes.

I kinda like my friend's perspective on privacy:


Isn't life great?

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