New Macbooks

I don't know how I didn't hear about this, although I have deliberately stayed away from mac rumors after getting my macbook =], but yesterday Apple released a new laptop lineup.

MacBook Pro:
SSD option=meh.
User-accessible hard drive=Yay!
New design--whatever.  Some people complain that the design is old.  I liked the old design =]
MiniDisplay Port--whatever.  It's the same thing the MacBooks have had.  Another $20 for users who want an external screen.  Face it, Apple: no one else uses your display port.
New NVidia chips--cool.  Wish you would put these in the MacBook =]

MacBook Air:
Faster CPU--good.  Always need more speed
128 GB SSD--Ok, more space.  Now it makes sense to pay the extra $$ for an SSD

Metal case--well, if they fix the wifi range problems, I guess it's a good thing.
Lowered price--well, I paid $999 for my MacBook, so it doesn't bother me that much.  Another $100 off when I decide to upgrade, though =]

One thing I still didn't see--multitouch on the MacBook.  Although I would be saddened if I did see it, because I would have a shiny old piece of obsolete junk.  The thing is, there isn't going to be any major developer support for multi-touch until Apple puts it in their mainstream notebook--the MacBook.

[Edit] They DID put multitouch on it! YEAH!  I think Apple's getting it...but they took firewire out.  BOO!  For all the aspiring video and audio folks who can't afford a MacBook Pro, Apple has just removed themselves from the lineup.  I'm kinda liking my MacBook =]

[Edit 2] You can get firewire on a MacBook....the $999 one!  That's because it's a last-gen 'book.  Still, you'd think they'd do something about this disparity in the product line =]

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