Surfacesque idea

I stumbled across Microsoft's Surface again...apparently now it's a viable product.  Unfortunately, only companies can buy it =]. 

It reminded me of an idea I had a long time ago about tablet computers.  I imagined an app that could run akin to the Surface UI on a tablet computer.  Devices would line up along the edges where they were plugged in.  The cool thing was that if your friend brought over his computer and ran the app on his machine, the two would connect over the network and you would literally be able to drag files between machines--drag a file to the edge of your desktop nearest your friend, and it would show up on his desktop.  Nifty, eh?

So now I'm thinking.  Would this be possible to implement on any computer?  Sit down next to your friend and be able to drag files back and forth...you could even do windows and stuff, to be totally awesome. 

Anyone know anything about this?  Frameworks, locating devices, etc?  I'm thinking OS X might be the best starting point as it has Bonjour and all that stuff...but, then again, there is a PC version of Bonjour too.  Any OSS bonjour alternatives?

Or am I crazy?

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