How to publish blog posts with URLs in them from an iPhone

You may have noticed that I published a post recently with a link in it. I did that from my iPod Touch. How did I do it?

I typed it in by hand, of course.

That's it!

Not. =] There's a much better way, of course. Go into the settings on your blog and set up an email address under the email tab. I set mine to save as a draft. Then visit the page you want to link to in Safari. Click the '+' button on the toolbar and email a link of that page to the email you set up earlier. Let it send, and in a few minutes you'll have a post in your list! One catch: if you want to use Blogger to edit your post, you have to use the Edit HTML tab. The other doesn't work. However, Blogger should be able to automatically codeyour paragraphs and stuff.

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