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I've been using Logos Bible software for a while and have to say that it's my favorite non-open-source piece of software, short of OS X.  (Leastwise, nothing else comes to mind right now =]).  For a while they've been developing a Mac version and have given away betas for free.  Unfortunately, those betas expire...and mine just did.  Oh, and they're not offering a free beta anymore; instead I have to pay $60 to 'crossgrade' my engine.  And, did I mention that I need it by tonight?

So yeah, I'm kinda mad.  It seems that this company, which is at least nominally Christian, seems to be charging me $60 to use software I already bought FROM THEM.  To me, that's stupid--and sounds a lot like something Microsoft would do.  I was under the impression that 'crossgrade' meant a discount you'd get by switching from some OTHER company's product.  Apparently Logos thinks that it's Windows and Mac divisons are competing against each other.  Yeah...

So, I'm thinking I'm going to investigate the feasability of someone like me starting up an opensource project to replace Logos Reader.  I like that solution better than a) paying $60, or b) finding a lawyer to start a class-action lawsuit over Logos' use of 'crossgrade', and any other loophole he can find.

I'll give you an update later.

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Bob Pritchett said...

I'm sorry you're unhappy about the crossgrade fee. Most of the customers affected, though, purchased and received a Windows based software package. We delivered what was purchased. When the customers switched to Macs and asked for a Mac version, we faced significant new development costs. The crossgrade was a way to recover some of those costs. But if you feel you've been treated unfairly, we're more than happy to take care of you. Please call me at 800-87-LOGOS at your convenience, or send me an email. -- Bob Pritchett, President, Logos Bible Software (bob@logos.com)