OSX 10.5.6 breaks Jailbreak!

This is mixed news: the updated USB drivers in OS X break DFU mode for
iPhones and iPod touches. The good thing is that it can be fixed by


I also hear (through the rumor mill) that you can plug your iPhone
into a USB hub and avoid the trouble. I'm waiting for someone to
confirm this first, though.

I suppose I'll be sticking with 10.5.5 until this gets worked out.

The thing I don't understand is why Apple would do this--DFU mode is
good for other thing besides jailbreaking. It seems to be a direct
attack, but it may be an unnoticed bug. After all, I don't suppose
that the folks at Apple checked DFU mode; it doesn't seem to be one of
the things I'd check. Until now, of course.

Apple's reaction in the next couple of days will show us how the cards
really lie.

[edit] It also appears that they took away the ability to switch power modes via the battery menu. I now have two reasons to wait. Yay! I mean, not yay. I shouldn't have to stick with older software because it gives me more features. That's just wrong.

[edit 2] The iPhone Dev Team thinks it's because of a kernel bug, not Apple breaking jailbreak. They've got instructions on how to fix the drivers by rolling them back to the 10.5.5 ones, and they also list using an USB hub as another solution. You can read more on the iPhone Dev Blog

[edit 3] It seems there's been other problems installing it as well...search the Apple discussion boards for more info. This us looking like a bad update, to me. I may just wait for 10.5.7!

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