The silence of the blog

Yes, I'm aware I have a blog.  Three, actually.  And one has next to nothing on it.  Yes, I'm aware that it's been an inordinately long time since I've posted anything.  Yes, I'm aware that I should probably change that.

But I'm too busy right now.  My life is pretty much school, work, and FIRST robotics in my spare time.  No time for blogging.  And this week is WCS's SIAW, which I've been asked to come back to lead the tech crew for.  That's an amazing honor, especially considering their typical policy on this. 

So, I'm not dead.  In fact, I've got a bunch of ideas running around in my head that are begging to be blogged about.  Some software stuff, some worldview stuff, and maybe a few other cool projects as well.  And, of course, FIRST Robotics and whatnot. 

But, right now I've got some code to write up. 

P.S. One thing: knockoff food companies have some of the most ridiculous product names ever.  Try ChipTastic cookies.  Or Cream Betweens.  And my all-time favorite: Mountain Holler Radical Citrus Thirst Blaster. 

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