What is wrong with Microsoft's Live service

I signed up for Microsoft live to give me access to SkyDrive and to allow me to use MSN (because some people are that way...). 

But I decided to go ahead and set up my Live email account to be fetched from my Gmail account (which is a really nifty thing to do).  But, lo and behold, you can only use POP fetching on a Live *Plus* account.  Not a regular one.  So, I decided to have Live just forward my emails to my Gmail account.  However, apparently you can only forward emails to other Microsoft accounts, or custom domains. 

And this is what is wrong: there is no good reason for them to limit either of those.  I mean, name me one other free email account provider that doesn't allow you to use POP on your email.  Or forward your email to whomever you want.  Microsoft is intentionally crippling the Live service to make people want to pay for their Plus service, and to lock them into using other Microsoft accounts.  They want their business; but instead of giving them more business, most people are going to go look for something else that provides those features every email account has had for the last ten years for free. 

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