I Wore Matt Bellamy's Pants!

This is what comes of me taking a shower when I'm sleep deprived:

"So, back when I was in high school, I heard about the Country Hoe-Down Square Dance of Awesomeness that was to be held in a fortnight.  So, I packed my bags and set off for the distant land wherein lay the location of said Dance.  After much toil and travail, I arrived at said location the day of said Dance.  Whereupon I realized that I was wearing The Sweatpants of Utter Geekness, which in case you did not realize, is a Bad Thing.  So, I was in much pain and distress over my situation, and I cried out in a loud voice, 'O curse me and my lack of the packing nature!  Where shall I find a suitable pair of pants to wear to said Dance tonight?  Woe is me, for I am a man who lacks style!'

"Thereafter I set off in a dour state of mind to find something to alleviate my situation.  As I wandered across the lands of aforementioned Dance, I didst come upon the Country deity Matt Bellamy.  (For those of you who deny that his music is country, listen to New Born.  That is pure country music, and if what you're hearing isn't country, your version is photoshopped.)  He greeted me, 'Welcome, child.  For you have traveled far in your journeys from distant lands to come to the Country Hoe-Down Square Dance of Awesomeness.'  I looked in awe and dropped to my knees and kissed his toe of awesomesauce.  He spake unto me, 'My child, is there anything thou needest?'  I answered and said, 'O Mr. Bellamy, I am in dire need of a pair of pants to wear this evening, for I only have The Sweatpants of Utter Geekness, and am ashamed of myself and am a reproach unto my kindred for wearing such an Abomination.'  He answered and said unto me, 'My child, you have not because you ask not.  Go now, and take this pair of my pants with you.'  Whereupon he handed me an extra pair of his pants.  I bowed and said, 'O Mr. Bellamy, I am forever indebted to you for the use of your pants this evening.  May you and your family be blessed for a thousand generations hereafter.' And he answered and said unto me, 'Go in peace, my child; your faith has made your pants well.'

"After this I rejoiced greatly in my heart and set about the process of putting on Matt Bellamy's pants instead of mine own Sweatpants of Utter Geekness.  I went to the aforementioned Dance that evening and brought glory unto myself and my kindred, for the pants I was wearing were great and magnificent."

Thanks to Joe my Youth Pastor and Hannah from my youth group for providing the inspiration behind this story.  And the King James Bible; not sure how that got in there, but it did.  This was written in jest and not meant to mock anything or anyone; I mean, what were you expecting?


Internet Bandwith Caps

I just saw this article pop up in, of all places, the RSS header in Gmail:


The thing that shocked me was that TWC charges $15 a month for ONE gig of data.  I just checked the handy bandwith counter in my dashboard--over the last six days, I personally have been responsible for 983 megs of downloads.  That's just six days from one computer.  I have a webserver which probably eats its fair share of bandwith, and there's three other people who browse the internet regularly at my house.  Admittedly, I do probably have the highest usage, but still, $15 is what we pay per month for internet right now.  I'd rather live with slower, all-you-can-eat style internet than faster, data-capped internet.  Because, believe me, one gig a month is not enough.

It would also be interesting to see if/how this limit would play into updates for critical software.  I could easily see people turning down a 300 meg service pack because that's a third of their monthly bandwith.  Or even updating their antivirus only once every couple of months.  Basically, this could widen the spread of virii due to fewer people keeping their machines up-to-date.

On another tangent, it's a great way for TWC to make money on overage charges.  Joe User isn't going to bother watching his data usage; and if he spends a lot of time watching YouTube and playing WOW online, he's going to eat that data up fast.  And voila, TWC nails him with a $2 per gig overage charge. 

All-in-all, this isn't going to make the internet any better.  In fact, it's probably going to hurt a lot worse.